User-Friendly Bus Transport Services by UPSRTC
17.06.2014 20:45

                                                     UPSRTC | Image Resource : images.jagran.com

The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, abbreviated as UPSRTC, is the leading public transport service provider in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The corporation is now operating a large number of inter and intra-state bus services to many major destinations. In Hindi, UPSRTC is also known as the Uttar Pradesh Rajya Sarak Parivahan Nigam, which is affectionately called as 'Roadways' by the people here. The old name of UPSRTC was UP Government Roadways, and Roadways is the short form of it.

Now, UPSRTC operates with about 7688 buses in its fleet and covers more than 2.5 million kilometers daily. Carrying about 1.3 million passengers in and out of Uttar Pradesh, the corporation is making revenue of about 38.3 million daily. The passengers in and around Uttar Pradesh are also very much dependant on UPSRTC services, which is the most economical and comfortable mode of road travel in this region. The passenger transport service in Utter Pradesh was started back in 1947 and the first bus service was from Lucknow to Barabanki, which was operated by the erstwhile Uttar Pradesh Government Roadways.

It was during the fourth five-year plan of India Government that the UP Government Roadways was renamed as the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation and it was in June 1972. The corporation is registered under the provisions of Road Transport Act in 1950. UPSRTC was again reconstituted in October of 2003 and started offering services to Uttarakhand State too by forming a separate transport corporation.



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